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Our Counselor

Ms. Alicia Bellamy, M.S.ED., LPSC

Ms. Bellamy has a bachelor’s degree in  Psychology and a master’s degree in  School Counseling. She also has a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy and Anxiety & Stress Management. Ms. Bellamy joined MacArthur in 2015. She previously worked with youth who had a variety of behavioral  difficulties and mental health conditions in the hospital setting. 

How do children see the guidance counselor?

Usually it’s by recommendation of the classroom teacher and/or the parent. Often, children will approach the counselor themselves and ask if they can see her.  

What exactly does a school counselor do? 

Much like the school nurse, counseling services are available to ALL  students, not just those with an emotional disability or in a crisis. The counselor can address issues using individual or small group counseling, as well as classroom guidance lessons. The guidance counselor is an adult in the building with whom students are never “in trouble.”

why see the counselor? head with a heart inside
School Counseling Services Provided 

  • short term individual counseling
  • small group counseling 
  • classroom guidance lessons 
  • crisis intervention 
  • consultation with teachers and parents
  • bully prevention education 
  • child abuse prevention education
  • referrals for community services 
Topics Commonly Addressed 
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Anxiety 
  • Anger management 
  • Friendship skills 
  • Coping Skills 
  • Conflict resolution

- Mission: The mission of the CPCSC’s  School Counseling Department is to provide quality, comprehensive school counseling services to all students. Programs and resources are designed to help all students develop and enhance their academic, social, career, and personal growth in order to become respectful, responsible, and productive citizens. Partnerships with educators, parents/guardians/families, community members, and  professional school counselors work to ensure that all students in the CPCSC will have equitable access to develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to be successful in our changing society.  

- Vision: All Crown Point Community School students will demonstrate college and career readiness and post-secondary success. Every student will acquire academic, social, career, and personal growth to reach their fullest potential.

Community Resources

This list of resources is provided as a courtesy ~ choosing a particular service is left to the discretion of individual need and preference.